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WAGNER, S.: Complete Lieder

Best known for his operas, several of which are available on Marco Polo, Siegfried Wagner’s songs only really entered the consciousness of the music-loving public when Hanne Lore Kuhse presented an evening of Lieder at the Margravial Opera House in Bayreuth in August 1966. Since then they have become increasingly popular. From Abend auf dem Meere (Evening at Sea) (1890) to songs written in the late 1920s, this album presents a bouquet of Lieder spanning his compositional career with subjects by turns humorous and melancholy, intimate and fantastic.

 Der Kobold (The Goblin), Op. 3, Act I: Vogellied (Bird Song)
1Der Kobold (The Goblin), Op. 3, Act I: Vogellied (Bird Song)00:04:28
 Weihnacht (Christmas)
2Weihnacht (Christmas)00:03:17
 Eine Hildisch-Hymne (A Hildisch Hymn)
3Eine Hildisch-Hymne (A Hildisch Hymn)00:01:16
 Schafer und Schaferin (Shepherd and Shepherdess)
4Schafer und Schaferin (Shepherd and Shepherdess)00:01:49
 Ein Hochzeitslied (A Wedding Song)
5Ein Hochzeitslied (A Wedding Song)00:03:51
 Wahnfried-Idyll (Wahnfried Idyl)
6Wahnfried-Idyll (Wahnfried Idyl)00:03:57
 Das Bales-Tanzchen (The Little Dance of Bales)
7Das Bales-Tanzchen (The Little Dance of Bales)00:05:12
 Das Dryaden-Lied (The Dryad Song)
8Das Dryaden-Lied (The Dryad Song)00:02:54
 Fruhlingsblick (Spring's Glance)
9Fruhlingsblick (Spring's Glance)00:04:23
 Fruhlingsglaube (Belief in Spring)
10Fruhlingsglaube (Belief in Spring)00:03:13
 Fruhlings Tod (Spring's Death)
11Fruhlings Tod (Spring's Death)00:04:00
 Nacht am Narocz (Night at Lake Narach)
12Nacht am Narocz (Night at Lake Narach)00:05:56
 Abend auf dem Meere (Evening at Sea)
13Abend auf dem Meere (Evening at Sea)00:02:47
 Abend am Meere (Evening at the Shore)
14Abend am Meere (Evening at the Shore)00:02:41
 Das Marchen von dicken, fetten Pfannekuchen (The Tale of the Thick, Fat Pancake)
15Das Marchen von dicken, fetten Pfannekuchen (The Tale of the Thick, Fat Pancake)00:10:39